Why have I been declined?

As we are finance experts, it is very unlikely that you will be refused finance or that we are unable to find you a suitable partner lender, however, if you have been declined a vehicle finance loan, there could be any number of reasons for this.

Sometimes you may find that there has been an error on your application form, which can be changed or amended and re-submitted for approval. Alternatively, we may not have been able to find and connect you with a suitable partner lender that meets the needs of your specific financial situation.

It may also be useful for you to obtain a copy of your credit report to try and see what may be affecting the decision you received. There are a number of companies that offer you a free credit report, as well as tips and information to manage and improve your score.

After you have determined some of the possible reasons that you have been declined finance, you can start improving your score. If you have bad credit, missed payments, CCJs, defaults and other types of arrears, it will not be possible to change your credit report score overnight, however, with a little effort, you can change it so that the next time you apply for finance you get approval.

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