What’s your approval process?

If you have found the car of your dreams or are still searching, you just need to apply online. Fill out the application form with all of the following information, and we will get to work behind the scenes to start looking at potential lenders for you:

  • How much you want to borrow
  • How long you wish to borrow it for
  • Your address, marital status, monthly income and employment status
  • Other general details

After the information above is received, we run a soft search credit check to ensure you pass our partner lender requirements. Once that has been successfully completed, we will connect you with the best partner lender for your needs who will then run a full credit check before they approve your application.

It is very unlikely that following our connection for you with a partner lender they will reject your application, but if it does don’t panic. We’re experts in helping people secure the finance they need so don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can see how to help further.

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