What documents do I need?

Applying for any sort of finance can seem daunting, however we try and make it as seamless as possible. While you do not need to submit any documents for the initial soft search, once you are accepted for financing from one of our partner lenders, you will need to submit your documents then.

The documents that you will need to provide include a driver’s licence, which is required regardless of your credit profile and who our partner lender is. Your driver’s license acts as proof that you will be the owner and registered keeper of your new vehicle. You will also need to provide proof of employment, as well as a history of your employment for the last number of years. You will need to provide bank statements as proof of earnings, if relevant, and you may be asked to send in copies of your payslips and other income forms.

It goes without saying that our partner lender will require your bank account details, as these will be used for your monthly payments. You will need to provide your bank branch’s address and sort code, as well as your account number.

If you have any issues with any of your documentation, we are here to help. Contact our friendly specialists to get relevant advice.

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