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We Do More Than Car Loans – If You’re Buying A New or Used Vehicle Then We Can Finance It

If you are looking for a new or second-hand motorbike or a van – we can help.

And if you want to own your very own home from home in the form of a caravan or motorhome, we offer caravan finance and motorhome finance so you can hit the road as soon as possible.

Or perhaps you don’t want a car for day-to-day use but one with a difference? Then the good news is that we can typically provide:

  • sports car finance;
  • luxury cars loan; and
  • classic car finance.

Whatever the type of vehicle you wish to finance, we can help – even if you have a less than perfect credit score.

Types of Finance

It is a similar story as far as the type of finance is concerned – you name it and we are almost certain to be able to arrange it for you.

Here are just some of the financial possibilities:

  • hire purchase agreements;
  • personal loans;
  • guarantor loans;
  • personal contract purchase (PCP); and
  • no-deposit vehicle finance deals.

The option you choose is entirely dependent on your personal preferences, requirements and circumstances – but we are always available to help and suggest whatever options might seem more appropriate in your own particular case.

Credit Checks

You are free to choose the vehicle, the dealer, and the type of credit – but what about when it comes time for that crunch for many people, the credit check?

There is no escaping a credit check whenever you arrange any type of finance – it is a hard and fast rule of any lending.

Not surprisingly, therefore, the prospect of a credit check may put off many potential borrowers who have struggled to manage their debts in the past, have made a debt management plan, perhaps, come to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) with creditors, have had County Court Judgments (CCJs) made against them, or even been declared bankrupt.

In those cases, many lenders may simply not want to know and reject any application for further credit out of hand.

Bad Credit Car Finance

At CarFinance Plus, though, we make life easier even if your credit rating has been adversely affected by previous events and you currently have bad, or even really bad credit.

We have developed close working relationships with a number of lenders who specialise in arranging car finance for those who need bad credit car finance – even to the extent of 100% finance that frees you from the need to find a deposit to put down on your chosen vehicle.

The worse your credit, the more you might need to consider options such as a guarantor loan or a joint loan with someone who has a more robust credit status – but we have arranged finance for many such customers in the past and there is little reason why that should not be you in the future.

Next Steps

So, whether you have your eyes set on a car, a sports car, a luxury or high-performance car, a classic vehicle, a van, motorbike, motorhome, or even a caravan, we are almost certain to find the finance you need – at an attractive rate.

It is not just the vehicle, but the dealership too. Once any finance we have arranged for you is formally approved, you name a recognised dealer and we make payment of the necessary funds directly to them, saving you time and hassle.

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*The car loans are applicable to UK residents only. We do not take applications over the phone. Calls may be monitored or recorded.

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