Do I have to pay a deposit?

It is possible to get accepted for a 0% vehicle finance loan with our expert guidance and our partner lenders. When you are applying for 0% finance, our partner lenders will check your credit history to decide how much credit can be advanced to you. This will help to establish the interest rate that you will be charged, alongside the monthly payments, and our partner lenders will also decide if they can offer a 0% deposit to you.

With, you get the best rates available when applying for a 0% deposit car loan. Whether you have bad credit, poor credit history, or have been declined credit in the past, we can assist you in getting a 0% deposit vehicle finance. Although you do not need a deposit, some of our partner lenders may ask you to submit a holding fee to secure the vehicle, which may or may not be refundable.

Generally, you will be able to finance anything from £2,000 upwards for a new or used car and 0% financing from any reputable car dealership, so you can transform your life and buy the car you have always dreamt of, regardless of having a deposit or not.

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