Car finance with CCJs

How To Get A Car Loan If You Have A CCJ

The short answer is, “yes”, in most cases you can.

That good news might come as something of a surprise because of the very nature of a CCJ – or County Court Judgment, to give it its formal title.

What Is A CCJ?

CCJ’s are orders made by the County Court because someone to whom you owe money has been unable to recover the debt through other means and needs the court to decide how you must repay what you owe.

If you have several CCJ’s, it means that you have a record of consistently failing to repay your debts when they fall due.

The Consequences

The court orders made against you become part of your credit history – there is no hiding from the fact of them – and this is the record to which any potential lender in the future pays close attention.

The record of the order remains on the court’s Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines for a period of six years.

If you have defaulted on loans or credit in the past, there is a greater chance of you doing so again in the future, the argument goes – and the consequence of that argument is that any future application you make for a loan is rejected by many lenders.

Getting A Car Loan With Several CCJ’s

Despite the likely reaction of many lenders, here at CarFinance Plus, we are still likely to secure you the loan you are seeking – thanks to our working partnerships with a panel of specialist lenders who are prepared to help those with CCJ’s made against them.

The Next Steps

All you need do is to fill in our simple, online enquiry to receive an instant quote and we find the car loan you are looking for, at a competitive rate, from one of our specialist lenders.

In addition to a little personal information, such as your name, age, address and contact details, we also ask you to tell us how much you are earning – since that is an important part of the initial “soft” credit check on your likely eligibility for a loan.

With your loan approved, you are then free to choose any new or used vehicle from any recognised dealership in the UK – with our finance experts even conducting some of the important checks on the vehicle itself (whether there is outstanding finance on it, for example).

Your approved loan is then paid directly to the dealership, leaving you to just drive away in your new vehicle.

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