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With over 10 lenders on our panel, we offer 0 car finance to anyone looking for a no deposit car loan. A 0 car loan would be great if you wish to finance the vehicle without making any down payments first. 0% deposit car loan would mean that your monthly payments would be slightly higher. We also have £100 deposit deals that might work for you.

With a wide range of 0 car finance deals from our top lenders, we are a number one car finance company and can help customers with bad and poor credit rating to purchase a vehicle from any UK dealership.

If you wish to find out more about 0 car finance, please fill in the application and get a dedicated loan offer. You will then be contacted by one of our experts who would help you with your monthly budget and repayments.

The amount of deposit you will need will depend on what type of car finance package you decide to take out and the value of the vehicle you would like to buy. For many car finance deals, you’ll be required to have a deposit of at least 10% of the vehicle’s value so it’s a good idea to shop around. You can choose from any car dealer in the UK, which gives you plenty of opportunity to find your car at the best possible price. Used cars are a great option for customers seeking to pay a smaller initial deposit but it’s good to remember that the larger the amount you can pay off at the beginning, the lower your monthly repayments and interest will be.

No deposit car finance
Not all customers are in a position to pay a deposit upfront so in order for them to be able to take out car finance, we also offer zero deposit car loans. As the name suggests, you won’t need a deposit but you may find yourself paying a larger sum every month in repayments. A deposit works as a reassurance to the lender that in the case you default, they will have less to recover. With this in mind, without a deposit you pose as a higher risk and interest is added to try and recover as much as possible in the least time. You’ll be able to weigh up the pros and cons against your current personal situation and make a decision based on that.

Will I pay less if I settle early?
If you wish to repay your loan early, you are entitled to do so. You’ll be given a settlement figure by your lender, which is usually valid for a set time only and will exclude all interest that remains on the outstanding total. This is especially convenient for customers who paid little or no deposit upfront and are paying a higher monthly repayment as a result but people choose to repay early for a number of reasons – to borrow additional credit, to pay less interest or simply because their financial situation has improved since taking out a car finance agreement.

Using your old car as a deposit
If you don’t have a lump sum in cash available, you can also use your old car as a deposit. It’s simple and saves you the hassle of trying to sell your car on after you buy your new car, especially if you’re not too sure of its current value. Many people are tempted into selling their cars for less than they are worth, just to make a quick sale. Our experts will determine the value of your vehicle and you’ll be able to use it as a part of full deposit on your next car, which will also lower your monthly repayments. To apply for any of our car loan packages, fill your details in on our car loan summary page and we’ll find the right car finance, tailored to you.

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Representative example – excellent credit Borrowing 7500 over 4 years with a representative APR of 6.9% and a deposit of £0, the amount payable would be £177 per month, with a total cost of credit of £1,035 and a total amount payable of £8,535.

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I will repay it over
  • Best available rate:6.9%
  • Total repayment 8,535
  • Total cost of credit 1,035
48 monthly payments of 177
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