Can I get car finance with a provisional license?

It is possible to get car finance with a provisional licence, but this does heavily depend on what kind of car you are choosing. Having a provisional licence also often comes with limitations on the amount you will be able to borrow – up to around £25,000. Of course, this depends upon which one of our partner lenders you make an agreement with, as each of them has their own terms.

When it comes to financing a vehicle, a customer must be able to drive the car. So, while a provisional licence allows you to drive the car, it is not a guarantee that you will go on and take or pass your full licence test, which is why the amount of credit you can borrow is often limited.

To ensure approval, the preferred option is to complete a joint application with another person. The other person will be required to hold a full UK driving licence, and some lenders require that they are insured before you can drive the vehicle away. A joint application is seen as a higher risk, so you can sometimes expect to pay a higher interest rate.

Another way of getting approval if you want solo vehicle finance is to have insurance before you apply. Some partner lenders look more kindly on this type of application than others.

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