Can I get accepted for car finance without a credit check?

Carrying out a credit check is one of the rules enforced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which regulates the financial industry. This means that you cannot be accepted by car finance without a credit check.

We know that it can be concerning when it comes to having a credit check as it can affect your credit rating in the future, however, we can help. Regardless of whether you have CCJ’s, a debt management plan, been refused car credit in the past, or generally have a poor credit history, we can help.

While credit checks are necessary, there is no need to worry. are experts at understanding your financial needs and getting you the vehicle finance deal that you need. We have high acceptance rates, and before we run a full credit check, we first perform what is known as a ‘soft check’. This allows us to see if you will be accepted for finance from one of our partner lenders before we run the full credit check. Since every lender has different lending criteria, there is a range of requirements to check against – if you do not meet the requirements of one of our lenders, there will typically be another company out there whose criteria you will meet.

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