Top 7 used SUVs for under £10,000

Roman Danaev

Let’s assume a hypothetical case where you have a maximum of £10,000 to spend and you’re looking for a quality SUV.

The harsh fact of life is that £10k isn’t going to come even close to buying you a new or nearly new vehicle. Even those vehicles called “compact SUVs” from the more cost-conscious manufacturers are likely to be out of your reach.

Don’t despair though because there are plenty of top-quality SU vehicles out there for under your figure, including some from the prestigious marques. True, you’re going to have to compromise a little on the ages and perhaps mileages of the SUVs you’re looking at but there really are some good deals available — and on well-maintained vehicles in good condition.

So, here are a few ideas looking at the sort of options out there (but please remember, what’s on the market and at what price can change daily):

1. Skoda Yeti.

This is a really nice and well-respected SUV. Examples from 2014-15 with FSH and modest mileages of under 15,000 have been seen advertised at £10k;

2. Mazda CX-5.

A good vehicle and one liked for its handling characteristics. This marque tends to be popular, so you may have to go back a little in time to get one in your price bracket. A 2.2d 2012 version with around 48,000 miles on the clock and FSH might be found for £10k;

3. Nissan Qashqai.

Sky Blue Nissan Qashqai

One of the most popular smaller SUVs, this has been very popular since its arrival back in 2008. Again, a 2012-2013 vehicle, with say 50k miles on the clock, might be available for around £9,500-£10,000;

4. Volvo XC60.

Volvo XC90

Volvos always command respect for their build quality and safety. This smaller brother of the XC90 is no exception. That makes them desirable, so you might have to go back to say a 2010 model with perhaps 60k miles to fit in under your £10k budget;

5. Volvo XC90.

This is the larger version of the CX SUV. It has extra seats and for that reason, is well-loved by many involved in the “school run” twice a day. Yet again, these are very popular — so expect to compromise a little more on age and mileage. We’ve seen some examples of 2009-2010 models with 75k+ on the meter for around £10,000;

6. Land Rover Discovery.

Perhaps the archetypical on and off-road vehicle, these are perennially popular. Make sure you find one that’s been well-maintained with a FSH. That badge and popularity push their price up though. We’ve seen them advertised at £9-10k but expect that to be for something around 2006-7 and with perhaps 70k+ miles;

7. Volkswagen Tiguan.

This was VWs first foray in the SUV market. This is a good vehicle and one that wins many plaudits, though some say its styling is something of an acquired taste. It does benefit though from that VW marque! We’ve seen models advertised from 2012 with 70k miles at a reasonable £10,000.

Of course, this is very much a list that is opinion-based. You’ll also be doing a lot of searching no doubt and going to look-see what’s out there.

In passing, while you’re doing so, don’t forget that Apple’s “CarPlay” system typically allows you to connect your iPhone to your vehicle’s display system. You can then engage with it for things like directions. If you’ve not seen it already, it’s worth checking out!

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