Best cars for less than £200 per month

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Whether you are buying a new or used car, the monthly cost of repayments depends on the total amount you are borrowing, the period during which you intend to repay the loan, and the rate of interest charged.

Using the calculator found on our website here at, here are some of the possibilities for buying used or new cars for less than £200 a month, drawing on the findings of:

the most popular models in all UK used car sales — indicated by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT);
new car deals costing less than £200 a month suggested by WhatCar? magazine; and used car valuations offered by Parker’s.

Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta 1.25 (82bhp) Zetec 5d in turquoise

Described by What Car? as the supermini with the best handling performance on the market today, the Ford Fiesta is also the top-selling used car identified by the SMMT.

Maybe not a brand new one, but only last year’s model Ford Fiesta 1.25 (82bhp) Zetec 5d may be yours thanks to a Financible loan on which you pay only £192 a month over 5 years and with no deposit to pay.

Skoda Fabia

silver Skoda Fabia saloon car

What Car? voted the Skoda Fabia the best car for under £200 a month and claims it is the best small hatchback available on the market.

Put down a deposit of less than £2,000 and you may own a brand new model today by paying just £200 a month over 5 years.

VW Golf

White two door VW Golf

Probably one of the most successful hatchbacks of all time, the VW Golf remains as popular as ever — coming in at number 5 on the SMMT list of top-selling used cars.

You may be happy to buy a nearly new 2014 standard model Golf and just need a modest deposit of £500 or so to contribute as a deposit, then make repayments of £198 over 4 years.

Ford Focus

Blue 5 door Ford Focus

The second most popular used car purchase according to the SMMT is the Ford Focus.

With a £500 deposit and repayments of just £197 a month over only 3 years you may buy a model as recent as 2013 using one of our finance options.

BMW 3 Series

brown BMW 3 Series

A BMW 3 Series for less than £200 a month — surely that’s stretching things just a little bit, even if it is the sixth most popular used car purchase on the SMMT list?

In fact, Parker’s guide lists several 2011 models that may be bought with a £1,500 down payment and monthly payments of £198 over just 4 years.

Hyundai i10

white Hyundai i10

Currently What Car? magazine’s city car of the year, this small hatchback is also likely to prove eminently affordable — even if you are buying one new.

A brand new model, for example, may be bought for a deposit of just £2,000, followed by 60 equal monthly payments of just £198.

Mini 1.2

blue two door Mini 1.2 with a white roof

The ageless looks, performance and handling of the Mini continue to win over many owners and would-be owners.

If you can see your way to putting down a £5,000 deposit, a brand new 3-door 1.2 Mini may be yours for just £198 over 4 years. If you can’t quite stretch to that £5,000, of course, you might instead choose a longer repayment period.

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