Which cars have Apple CarPlay built-in?

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Ever tempted to pick up your iPhone and use any of its many features whilst driving along? Well, don’t – it’s against the law, of course.

But everything you can do on your smartphone it is also possible to do in a handsfree – and legal way – thanks to Apple’s own CarPlay system which “mirrors” all the phone’s functions on a dashboard display.

Currently, CarPlay is available for installation on a wide variety of new cars in the UK – sometimes as standard and in other cases, as an optional extra.

Amongst the 20 marques identified by the website Carwow and across many different models of each one, here are just some of the leading examples:


From “A” models, to the TT, to its range of SUVs, CarPlay is now available across the whole Audi range.


The Bentayga costs around £150,000, and just as Motoring Research suggests, you might expect not just CarPlay, but the whole Apple Store for that kind of money.


All current series of BMWs – both cars and SUVs – are available with CarPlay.


Whether you are looking for a Berlingo Multispace, a C3, C4, or C5, or the larger DS3 or DS4, you can specify CarPlay in any one of them.


Where money’s no object in the purchase of a supercar, CarPlay is probably high on your list of must-have specifications. Fortunately, every current Ferrari has this iPhone mirror system.

CarPlay - iPhone mirror system


From the sublime to the more ordinary, CarPlay now also finds its way into a wide range of all the familiar Fords – Focus, Edge, Fiesta, Mustang and C-Max – whilst you can even specify Android Auto if you have an Android phone rather than Apple’s OS.


Provided you choose (only) a Civic, Apple CarPlay is available in your Honda.


Three of the latest Hyundai models are compatible with CarPlay – the Santa Fe, Iconiq and Tucson.


Choose one of the latest Sportage, Sorento or Optima models from Kia and you can enjoy the hands-free enjoyment of CarPlay.


From the flagship GLS of its SUV range to the more affordable A Class, most of the new Mercedes range is now CarPlay-enabled.


The only model in the range of cars offered by this Japanese manufacturer to have Apple CarPlay is the Mirage.


The new 208, the 2008 and the Partner Tepee utility vehicle are all compatible with CarPlay.


The iconic 911, 718 and Panamera sportscars, together with the SUVs in the Cayenne and Macan range all have Apple CarPlay connectivity.


All but the Mii city car – that is to say, the Ibiza, Alhambra, Leon, Toledo and Ateca, all have CarPlay capability.

built in sat nav unit in a car dashboard


From the Yeti to the Fabia, the Octavia to the Superb and Rapid, all Skoda’s current offering may be fitted with CarPlay.


Only the flagship Impreza is currently available with CarPlay.


Three models from the Suzuki stable – the Vitara, SX4 S-Cross and Baleno are compatible with CarPlay.


Apple’s CarPlay is fitted as standard on a number of popular Vauxhalls – namely the Astra, Corsa, Adam, Viva and Insignia Grand Sport.


Across VWs wide range of different models, CarPlay connectivity is featured – in, for example, the Golf, Beetle, Polo, Passat, Sharan, Sirocco, Touran and Tiguan.


Three Volvos are currently available with CarPlay and these are the V90, S90 and XC90.

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