Who sits on Carfinance+’s panel of lenders?

We work closely with a number of car finance companies and lenders with the aim to provide competitive car loan deals for every customer. We currently work with following lenders

Paragon Bank


PCF Bank

Oodle Car Finance


Advantage Finance

Amigo Loan

JBR Capital

Specialist Motor Finance

This allows us to access and compare over 50 car finance deals, which means we’re able to help our customers from a wide variety of credit scores.

  • Roman Danaev
  • Scott Barnes
    Head of Car Finance
  • Shahin Ahmed
    Senior Car Finance Advisor
  • Debra Reynolds
    Senior Car Finance Advisor
  • Ricky Toor
    Car Finance Advisor
  • Shyam Gadher
    Car Finance Advisor
  • Robbie Dowling-Doyle
    Car Finance Advisor
  • Emile Hadian
    Car Finance Advisor
  • Rebeka Wahid
    Car Finance Advisor
  • Rob Embra
    Senior Software Developer