How car finance process works

Part of car buying is understanding the finance application process and deciding which car finance works for you best. Applying and getting a quote doesn’t affect your credit score as we carry out a soft search.

Step 1 - Get a quote

This doesn’t impact your credit score. We will compare deals from the UK’s top car finance lenders and find the best rate offers that are available for you that match your budget.

Step 2 - Get accepted

You will know your monthly payments. You will get a dedicated car finance advisor who will guide you through the car buying process and will explain each step. Getting approved for a car loan is so easy.

Step 3 - Choose your perfect car

Get any car from any dealer. We will help you find your perfect car. But if you have one in mind, we can finance it too. You are free to get any car from any dealership. Yes, it’s pretty cool, we know!

Step 4 - Sign online and drive away

Sign in 1 minute via your mobile phone. Once you’re happy with everything, you’ll electronically sign the agreement and the car is yours. The whole process is very simple and you can have a car in less than an hour after you’ve applied.

How does Carfinance+ make money?

Carfinance+ is free to use. You'll never pay a penny for our services. If you decide to get a car finance through us, the car finance lender company pays us a fee for getting them your business.

Whether you decide to buy or not, using costs you nothing!

Who owns Carfinance+

We’re a family run business, and pride ourselves on impartiality and independence. We’ve have been on the market for over 5 years.

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  • Scott Barnes
    Head of Car Finance
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    Senior Car Finance Advisor
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    Senior Car Finance Advisor
  • Ricky Toor
    Car Finance Advisor
  • Shyam Gadher
    Car Finance Advisor
  • Robbie Dowling-Doyle
    Car Finance Advisor
  • Emile Hadian
    Car Finance Advisor
  • Rebeka Wahid
    Car Finance Advisor
  • Rob Embra
    Senior Software Developer